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Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 week meal planner- version 2

This is an updated version with new meals I've been cooking recently.

Week 1
Spaghetti bolognaise (double sauce)
Fajitas (using leftovers)
Lentil and bacon broth or Cajun red bean soup
Curried bean risotto
Goats cheese pizza with salad
Sticky pork steaks with sweet potato

Week 2
Griddled beef with sweet potato
Fish and lemon risotto
Chilli black bean stew
Beef adobo
Mushroom tagliatelle
Lentil & veg cottage pie
Warm green veg and farfalle salad

Week 3
Roast chicken with potatoes and veg
Tomato and chicken pilaf (using leftover chicken)
Poached chicken with pesto
Chickpea and spinach curry
Tomato and feta potato salad
Bacon and pea pasta
Veggie gratin

Week 4
Beef and courgette burgers
Peppers, pork and mash
Mexican bean melt
Bacon, peppers and pasta in tomato sauce
Chunky pistou
Sausages with aubergine and haloumi salad

Week 5
Hungarian goulash
Vegetarian lasagne
Sweet and sour turkey
5 spice veg stir fry
Bacon risotto
Sausages with cannelini bean salad

Week 6
Ginger chicken
Chicken risotto
Chilli con carne
Goats cheese and grilled veg and salad
Vegetable stir fry
Sausage, pea and feta salad
Penne and roast veg pasta bake

Week 7
Mediterranean chicken
Leek and broccoli bake
Chicken and veg hotpot
Lentil casserole
Veggie Pizza
Ratatouille with penne
Grilled chicken with pasta salad
Moroccan lamb with aubergine

Week 8
Pork steaks with redcurrant jelly sauce
Chicken casserole
Beef, mushroom and broccoli stir fry
Coronation chicken with jacket potatoes and salad
Moroccan spiced veg with halloumi
Chicken curry

Week 9
Beef stew
Apple and sausage roast with mash and greens
Chicken and leek stroganoff
Mackerel with potatoes and salad
Moussaka stacks
Corned beef hash
Pork stir fry with black bean sauce
Tortellini with tomato sauce and salad

Week 10
Beef lasagne (spare half the sauce)
Beefy jacket potatoes
Pork chops with creamy apple sauce
Chicken casserole
Creamy poached chicken with bacon and greens
Fish and chips with peas
Mushrooms, haloumi, red pepper and rocket salad

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