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Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Week Meal Planner

Obsessive-compulsive? Maybe. But this 10 week meal planner provides an excellent starting point when I write my shopping list every week. A lot of the meals use up leftovers the next day, and some recipes say (double) to indicate that you make double quantities and use the rest in another dish later in the week.
I have been mocked for this, but I stand by it! There IS flexibility to swap meals around and change it if you have friends round. This possibly may change your life...

Week 1

Spaghetti bolognaise (double)
Fajitas (using leftovers)
Lentil and bacon broth
Chicken curry
Curried bean risotto
Cajun red bean soup
Doner kebabs
Steamed fish with black bean sauce

Week 2
Pork and sweet potato
Fish and lemon risotto
Chilli black bean stew (double)
Beef adobo
Mushroom tagliatelle
Lentil & veg cottage pie
Chicken and pepper tortillas

Week 3
Tomato and chicken pilaf
Lemon chicken cous cous
Chickpea and spinach curry
Cod and saffron wild rice
Tomato and feta potato salad
Bacon and pea pasta
Moroccan stew
Poached chicken with pesto

Week 4
Beef and courgette burgers
Peppers, pork and mash
Mexican bean melt
Bacon, peppers and pasta in tomato sauce
Chunky pistou
Stir fry mince

Week 5
Hungarian goulash
Vegetarian lasagne
Sweet and sour turkey
Potato, parsnip and butter bean soup
5 spice veg stir fry
Bacon risotto

Week 6
Ginger chicken
Tomato and lentil soup
Chicken risotto
Chilli con carne
Goats cheese and grilled veg and salad
Vegetable stir fry
Sausage, pea and feta salad
Satay beef in lettuce

Week 7
Mediterranean chicken
Leek and broccoli bake
Chicken and veg hotpot
Lentil casserole
Veggie Pizza
Ratatouille with penne
Grilled chicken with pasta salad

Week 8
Mince rissoles with mushroom sauce and vegetables
Beef stroganoff
Pork steaks with redcurrant jelly sauce
Chicken casserole
Honey chilli chicken stirfry
Broad bean and bacon risotto
Couscous halloumi baked peppers
Pasta, avocado and mint bean salad

Week 9
Chickpea and chorizo soup
Beef casserole
Penne cheese and bacon bake
Penne and beef ragu
Chicken celeriac mushroom bake
Tarragon chicken with flagolet beans
Keema curry with beef mince
Pesto mushroom and asparagus tart

Week 10
Aromatic masala mince
Beefy jacket potatoes
Spiced chickpea and veg soup
Gnocchi with spinach and broccoli sauce
Spicy enchiladas
Pork chops with creamy apple sauce
Bonfire chilli
Spiced lamb with aubergine and chickpeas

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  1. Oh goodness me, 10 week?! I'm hugely impressed! I just cook the same four or five things over and over again...