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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Art of Meal Planning

Ok, so I've come under fire from various quarters about the fact that I plan all our meals week by week and I use my ultimate 10 week meal planner as a basis to work from.

Yes, it's geeky. Yes, it's organised. But I do it for good reasons:

1. I know exactly what to buy at the supermarket.
2. I don't waste food.
3. I make sure we eat a good range of meals.
4. I aim for 2 veggie meals a week. It's cheaper and better for the planet.
5. I can plan to use up anything in the freezer.

Obviously, you have to be flexible. If you go to the supermarket and there's a special offer on a whole chicken, then it's probably worth buying it, doing a Sunday roast then using up the leftover chicken with a couple of chicken recipes during the week. Nothing ground-breaking there.

But, perhaps on a more serious note, I get really concerned when I'm teaching kids in school who just do not eat properly. Their parents don't take responsibility for making sure they eat a healthy, balanced diet, and many of us as adults are so busy with our working lives that we de-prioritise cooking good food, and end up existing on take-aways and ready meals. Health-wise this a huge concern, but also socially, morally...

Sorry I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks for listening :)

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